4 Reasons Why You Should Take a Perth Limo Hire

If you have a special even planned and you’re thinking that perhaps it’s the right time for a Perth limo hire, then read on. We’ve got 4 reasons why it’s time to let your hair down and you should take a Perth limo hire.

Many people consider hiring a Limo in Perth but are not sure. The biggest myth that may make them think is that hiring a limo is out of most people’s budget. This frankly isn’t true and there are many vehicles that are well within most people’s budget. Yes, they are a little more pricey than a regular car but then again there are so many extras that come with the limousine that the outcome is that you get real value for money.

There is nothing as distinguished as being chauffeured by a driver in a stretch limo. Here are our main 4 reasons why you should take Lux Limo Hire Perth:

It is an affordable and highly efficient travel option for airport transfers

Most taxi companies in the Perth area will charge you a fee based on how many hours you hire them. However, you can expect one flat fee with a Perth limo hire. Our clients have mentioned that there is usually very little in the difference between the taxi fare and the flat fee. Of course, the taxi fare may even look like it will be more affordable at first, but when you put traffic into the mix then it can change drastically. However, a limo hire will not incur any additional charges no matter what the traffic conditions are like.

Have a memorable night out in town

There are times when it’s great to have a night out with loved ones – either friends or family. Limousine hire is ideal for this. Everybody can have a drink without needing to worry about who the driver is. The chauffeur will take care of you and transport your party between your destinations safely.

Keep your son or daughter safe at the school ball

Some parents may think of this as an extravagance, however, our regular clients know how important it is to keep their children safe and under supervision on the night of the school ball. You can have a subtle eye kept on the behaviour of your child to ensure that nothing gets out of hand.

Wow your corporate clients

Clients love to be treated well and hiring a limousine is the perfect way to demonstrate some care. You can reserve a limo to collect your clients from the airport to take them to their hotel or to work and it will make a great statement. Your business will look like it’s financially well and you will also send out a caring message about how much you value your clients.

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Professional Limousine Hire in Perth

Once in a while we all like to feel like a celebrity. What better way than to up the game on this feeling and travel in a luxurious VIP style car available from our service for limousine hire in Perth.  If you fancy taking a spin around the city of Perth in the back of a head-turning vehicle then read on – here’s what you need to know.

When it comes to hiring a limo you need to consider serious matters such as safety in addition to what type of driver you may have. In some cities there are some drivers who have not been well trained and don’t have the same trustworthy reputation as the ones that we use at Lux Limousines.  Each of our drivers have been fully vetted to ensure that they are knowledgeable about getting around the city in addition to being honest and respectful.


Some companies who offer limousine hire in Perth have different standards to those that we offer, even though they charge a similar price to us. This is something that you will need to look out for.

The customers that we usually see the most are business or corporate travellers. Their firms like to ensure that they rid to the airport in comfort to keep their stress levels low and their job satisfaction high.

If you decide to take the services of a business who offers limousine hire in Perth then be sure to find the best business on offer. We recommend that you do your research, shortlist a few companies and then put some feelers out to see what type of reputation these companies have. You can also ask for a quote in order to get an idea about what type of prices they charge.

Further research may include checking their website to understand the level of service that you should expect from them. Whilst you are on their site, then take the opportunity to look up what testimonials they have from other customers that have used them.

Their website should also display which vehicles they have available for hire. You can select a model based on the colour, the number of people that will be traveling with you and the look that you want.

Remember that it’s not always the cheapest that is the best. Therefore check the condition of the car and ask to see more pictures of it. The best companies will allow you to visit them and see the car for yourself. Ask if they give you any extra add-ons too.

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Party in a Hummer Limo Hire in Perth

Party in a Hummer Limo Hire in Perth

It’s a well-known fact that by far the biggest and most fun nights out can be had when out partying in a Hummer limo hire in Perth. A favourite for hen nights, school balls, celebrations and birthday parties, this spectacular model of stretch limousine can hold up to 14 people. Limo hire in Perth offer this unique and cool way to travel around the city whilst looking fresh, cool and aristocratic.

White Hummer H2 Limousine Hire Perth

All of the limos at our Perth limo hire have illustrious extras in them – you can expect to find karaoke machines, bar facilities, fibre optic lights, sound systems and more. You can even arrange to have the bar stocked with alcohol and ice ready for your night out on the town.

If there’s one thing that has surprised us it’s that our Perth limo hire has spawned a lot of imitators. Don’t be taken in by the less reputable and fly by night operators who you may see advertising in the city’s media and publications. They offer a service that is a poor substitute for real quality and you’ll find that they offer nothing but inflated claims. No other Perth limo hire gives you what we do.

Our well trained trustworthy driver will collect you at your home and take you to your destination. We can advise you on the hottest spots to visit prior to your night out. This way our driver will have the opportunity to plan his route and your itinerary so that you can be dropped off directly outside your entertainment spot.

In order to book your Limo for hire in Perth, be sure to reserve your vehicle as quickly as possible. Our service is very popular and we recommend to all our clients to make their reservation as soon as they have a date for their special occasion. We look forward to providing you with the means for a memorable party!

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