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Perth Limo Hire for Your School Ball

School balls in Perth are similar to those all over the world. It’s an opportunity for young people to dress up and impress. Arriving in one of the most luxurious vehicles on this side of Australia is one of the ways to make a lasting impression on classmates and neighbours. Parents can relax as they will have a chaperone to take their young people to the ball, instead of having to worry about them being out on the road late at night. For those school leavers who don’t have a driving licence yet, it will relieve parents from having to chauffeur them to and from the party.

School balls are an important part of leaving school. A chance to party and have fun before moving onto another year and new paths. Those that travel as a group to their ball have even more fun, as almost a pre-party and after-party to heighten the spirit. You can travel with a group of friends in a 16 seater Hummer limo or you can decide to arrive alone in style. Whatever your choice, this Perth limo hire is well versed in the annual school ball.

Our tips for a great School Ball:

If you’re considering hiring a limo for either yourself as the school leaver or your child (as a parent) to attend the school ball, then keep these tips in mind:

  • It’s time to get dressed up. You may want to hire a tuxedo or a suit. For the ladies, it’s time to wear a beautiful dress. Our driver will arrive in a suit to pick you up and provide you with a stylish form of travel.
  • We know that you’re looking forward to one of the biggest social events on the school calendar. However, so is everybody else. You will need to reserve your Perth limo hire as soon as possible to ensure that you get the best choice of car.
  • We prefer teenagers to not take anything in the car that will not be in the spirit of this celebratory party and that may cause damage such as cigarettes. Please leave your own alcohol at home.
  • You can choose from one of our standard stretch limousines or you may want a Chrysler 300C or a Hummer stretch. Take your pick, but as we said above, do come early to secure your booking.
  • Our Perth limo hire isn’t just a means of luxury transport to take you to the school ball, it’s more of an experience. We have music, flat screens, plush seating, starlight roof, red carpet, climate control, karaoke and mood lighting to add to the occasion.
  • You’ll be looking good in your school ball limo hire, and can even arrive on the red carpet if you like. Watch out that your school friends don’t get a little envious!
  • You can opt for a karaoke, use the massive sound system, LCD TVs whilst your experienced professional driver transports you to your destination. You’ll be turning heads!

Our Perth limo hire is one of the most popular service providers for school balls. Each of our cars have luxury interiors that are perfect to transport young people to the biggest highlight of the school calendar. You’ll find them spacious and decked out for entertainment and comfort. The ideal location for one of the best party experiences in Perth.

Arrive in style and impress your school friends.

When you pull up outside your school ready to party on down, you’ll impress your friends. Your own personal chauffeur will open the door for you to walk up the red carpet. If it’s your choice, we can even provide you with a non-alcoholic bottle of champagne, balloons and blowers. Every limo is supplied with a selection of music and DVDs that you may want to enjoy on the journey.

Our Perth limo hire service will take you anywhere that you want to go. You’ll enjoy VIP treatment and we can collect you and take you home afterwards.

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